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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Reasons to Quit Smoking

Reasons to Quit Smoking

The very first reason I can think of in New Zealand to Quit smoking is the cost. New Zealand has some of the most draconian smoking laws in the world. Currently it costs about $26 dollars a pack of cigarettes and about $60 dollars for a 30 gram. $26 in US dollars is $17.60. $60 in US dollars is $40.63. I imagine that a pack of cigarettes in the US is something like $5 US dollars. So you can see that we pay 3 times as much.

So yep. The first main reason to quit smoking for me is the cost. The thing is even if I was rich and could afford to smoke then the second reason to quit now comes into play.

The second reason to quit smoking is health. I'm not indestructible. I am actually fragile and easily breakable. Smoking definitely affects my health. I cough more. I have shortness of breath and according to science the carbon monoxide takes the place of oxygen so I have less energy and am operating on a lower level because my brain doesn't have all the oxygen it needs.

What would be a good third reason. Health is a huge one. When you smoke it doesn't feel like it's making you sick. It can be quite pleasurable the odd smoke. That's what keeps us coming back I guess is that thought of the pleasure that a smoke will bring.

I find myself craving and thinking of the pleasure a smoke will bring. Often though I don't get any pleasure, I just desire another one. Nicotine patches have helped me so there must be something to the nicotine thing. I find if I put a couple patches on I will think less about wanting to have a cigarette.

Cigarettes lower your bone mass and give you wrinkles. Smokers have higher incidences of fractures and they take longer to heal. I turn 41 in just under a month so it really is time to quit. If you quit before 40 after a few years you can have similar health as if you've never smoked.

Smoking also lowers your muscle mass. So you're weaker and doing tasks become more difficult.

I have this idea that Jesus wants me to smoke. But that can't be true. I can't say i've had much help from Jesus in my life time. Well Jesus it's one of my deepest desires I believe to give up smoking and stay off it. Jesus can you help me quit smoking.

There's plenty of reasons to quit smoking. I don't know why so many people still smoke and still continue to start. It's an addiction thing. I guess I have to gain control over it with my mind if I want to quit.

The battle is a huge part in the mind. Last time when I quit for 5 years I just had something like a huge burning desire to quit and nothing was going to stop me. But at the time I wasn't enjoying smoking at all. It seems today I kind of enjoy it.

If the truth will set us free then what is the truth about smoking that will set us free from it.

Do we need more education. All the facts are available online. Is it what we believe. I think for me it's a bit like this. I believe smoking won't harm me deep down so I keep smoking.

If I want to qit then I have to have a firm commitment and strong desire. I have to order my mind against smoking. The cost, the health benefits perhaps meditate on those more.

I want a smoke right now. But I haven't got any. I always seem to find one even if I haven't got any.

The money would be awesome if I quit smoking. More food.

Anyway I going to leave it there. I haven't helped myself much with this article.

I'm looking forward to a day I can afford all my habits or I have them under control.

Smoking is the first thing I want to conquer to improve my life.

It's also one of the hardest.

After smoking I want to make some money somehow through work on this website.

I need to work to earn money.

All my efforts so far have failed. I could've been rich years ago but let that slip through my fingers so easily. It could still happen I guess. But it's been so long already and they look like they never going to give me any money.

Money is where it's at. If you got money then you got 50% of life solved at least. Most things can be fixed with money. Not all things. But most things.

Quitting smoking is a way to become more financially secure and therefore lifting myself out of poverty and bringing me closer to the goal of owning my own house.

Thanks for reading this garbage.

Darcy Lee
Pro Beggar.

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