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Q1 What is this website:

A1 This website is here to raise enough money through donations and the power of the internet (Hi there rich people) to purchase a house in Masterton New Zealand where I live. My name is Darcy Lee and I am 40 years old. I'm mostly posting the videos that I have streamed to Youtube but there will be odd commentary.

Q2 How Much Money Do You Need:

A2 I need approximately 200k US dollars to purchase a house and get everything sorted.

Q3 How Long Have You Been Doing This:

A3 I bought the address about 10 years ago and have been posting there with posts going back to April 2007. I have never really been noticed. is my latest attempt to earn money through the internet.

Q4 How Much Have You Made So Far:

A4 I have received around $130 US from streaming to Youtube, but this was made within the first two weeks of streaming and i've now long since spent it. It's now been around a year and a half since I made my first stream. I have been paid out once with Google adsense from and youtube earnings. I have made about $700 from playing video games but these sources have dried up

Q5 How Can I Donate:

A5 You can clicke the Buy Now Paypal button on this page and use your credit card or paypal account. My current paypal address is which you can use if you go direct to

Alternatively if you want your name to appear on screen in one of my youtube streams then you can go here Pronounced Poweradvice.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Days One Two Three

Day 1.
Streaming to make money to buy a house.

I began streaming on the 9th of June 2017. I have been streaming for over a year now and am upto Day 111 over the course of a year and a few months. I've made about $120 US dollars so far but I spent it and I can't even remember what. I made that in my first two weeks and haven't had a donation since really I think. For the first two weeks I was doing nearly twelve hour days and getting audiences in the end. But I took some time off and got lazy after that and the audience dropped off.

Still 100+ videos added since I got my webcam which i'm still paying for.

Day 2.
Streaming to make money to buy a house.

Day 3.
Streaming To Make Money To Buy A House.


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